63|3D and Creative Collider Conversation at Kinetica Art Fair


We will be showing our JFK installation 63|3D at Kinetica Art Fair on the 16th – 19th of October. Kinetica Art Fair ‘provides a global platform for galleries, curatorial groups, design studios and artists working in the realm of interdisciplinary new media art’.

63|3D: 16th-19th October // The Old Truman Brewery // Book Now

As well as exhibiting 63|3D we’ll also be hosting one of our Collider Creative Conversations:

The Creative Impulse and Technology:
(which came first, the idea or the app?)

What fires the creative impulse and what are the technological challenges to its fulfilment? This Collider Creative Conversation is a chance for artists, technologists, producers and everyone in-between to discuss the challenge of adopting unfamiliar technologies and the implications of the relationship between artist and technologist – where does the authorship lie?

Collider Conversation: 19th October // 2PM // The Old Truman Brewery // Book Now