Work With Us

Transforming everyday places in unexpected ways for good


 Art and artists have the power to transform our society for good. Technology is transformational too. It’s rapid, fast-moving, always developing, exciting and when used for positive change, can transform our lives.

Our work at Threshold Studios brings these two together, art and technology, to find new ways to solve problems in our towns, cities, public spaces and the everyday places we all care about.

We work with partners to identify where artists can make a difference. We listen, hard. We broker conversations. We create spaces for partners to come together. We create spaces for artists to ask important questions. We value and nurture our partnerships as we value and nurture our artists. For us, we’re all working together holistically to make something amazing happen.

Frequency Festival in the city of Lincoln is our flagship project, ten years and growing. Part of the East Midlands Cultural Olympiad in 2011, it was a landmark moment for Lincoln. The theme, Unlocking the City, did just that and marked the beginning of an exciting journey for Lincoln, its artists, academics and local residents.

Six festivals on and it continues to expand. We’ve built powerful partnerships, significant economic impact and contributed to a thriving creative industry. It’s a 360 degree approach and that’s what makes our work so powerful. Our partners describe us as culture visionaries. We’re ready for our next opportunity. Let’s talk.

It really boosts city footfall and leaves a long-lasting legacy, opening people’s minds to the versatility of digital technologies and giving them something different to talk about for weeks after the event.”

Sarah Loftus, Lincoln BIG Chief Executive