An open letter to the internet.

Dear Internet,

I’m sorry, Internet.

It’s not you… it’s me.

For too long now this relationship has been all too one sided – I just take, take, take.

I know, I know, Internet – all the little things that you do for me that I never appreciate you for. I just swear at you when you disappear, or when you get all slow. If I’m honest, Internet – I know that’s not entirely your fault, I’m just being unreasonable.

You remember where I’m supposed to be, Internet, and tell me how I’m supposed to get there. You look after ALL my files, and all my Wunderlists… I know I google the life out of you and then take ALL the credit, but I never even leave a blog post.

You’ve had to watch me mess about with Trello… Huddle… WordPress… and I know I’m a lot more vocal about my love for Excel (Excel, if you’re reading this – we’re still cool, right?) but it’s clear to me now that I forgot about giving back, Internet.

I thought that a bijou tweet every so often, mass circulation of cat memes or writing all the emails was enough, but its not.

So, I’m going to give back, internet – I (SE)owe you a lot.  I promise from here on in to stop taking advantage of your good nature. I’ll tell you more than once a year what I’ve been up to and keep you updated so you don’t look out of date.

I promise, Internet.