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Frequency Festival Call Out For Artists: Postern Gate Exhibition Site

Postern Gate exhibition site: Durational or performative digital and hybrid art works  Introduction Frequency 2015 represents the third iteration of Lincoln’s Festival of Digital Culture. For ten days in October we t... Read more

Guest Post – John Doran (The Quietus)

Something magic(k)al happens every time I end up in Northampton. Last time it was hanging out with Alan Moore at Robert Godfrey's Lodge Studios where I got lost in a haze of Unearthings and Dodgem Logic. This time round... Read more

Is Independent Publishing the new Punk?

So yes, I'm old enough to have been there at the dawning of the cultural revolution that was Punk and all the subsequent kaleidoscopic offshoots that blossomed from that defiant root, planted in the industrial ruins of w... Read more

Game On

About Game On Women are currently under-represented in creative technology fields. These industries are growing quickly and as digital culture becomes a part of everyday life, it is vital that women are an equal part of ... Read more

Internship vacancies

As part of RADAR, our Creative Graduate Accelerator Scheme in partnership with the University of Lincoln, we have two exciting internship opportunities available to recent graduates of the College of the Arts. Get mo... Read more

Back to Totality

March 20th offered us a rare chance to experience a partial solar eclipse - did you see it? Only 95% of Totality this time so no dip to darkness, nothing to scare the birds into silence, none of the corona or Baily's Bea... Read more

Kristy Diaz in conversation with Steve Lawson

I've been working with Birmingham City University's School of Media department for a few years now, usually as a panel member assessing their Music Industries students presentations on setting up record labels and PR co... Read more

Mallarmé Leads the Way

This month we've been focusing on the planning for October's Frequency Festival of Digital Culture - sketching out possible sites and the artists who might suit those spaces. As always, the budgets are tight and the visi... Read more

Communications and Marketing Assistant Internship

As part of RADAR, our Creative Graduate Accelerator Scheme in partnership with the University of Lincoln, we have an exciting internship opportunity available to recent graduates of the College of the Arts. Lincoln Dr... Read more

Cuba Calling II

I can't begin to explain how happy I feel for Cuba and the friends I've made there. The recent news that Raul Castro and Barack Obama have agreed to reinstate diplomatic links and the 50 year blockade is coming to an end... Read more