Black Lives Matter

As an organisation and as individuals we stand in full support of the Black Lives Matter movement.  We need to build and empower industries, institutions, audiences, sectors and a society that are truly representative and equal.

Cultural equity, diversity and democracy are core foundations of Threshold Studios and reflected in our leadership, artists and the communities we serve. But, if there is anything that the last few months have shown us, it is that there is always more to be done.

So, we undertake that we will:

  • Listen to and learn from the communities and individuals speaking out.
  • Continue our individual and organisational journey to understand better and more fully the societal problem of racism and to challenge ourselves and our processes in light of this.
  • Conduct a review across all facets of the organisation to understand where we can take action.
  • Seek conversation and information that will allow us to understand how we can be allies to this movement.
  • Support work to address the lived experiences of systemic problems, barriers and injustice as a result of society wide conscious and unconscious bias.

We must continue to challenge the status quo and be part of the change.

You may like to listen to our Collider Conversations Programme from 2016/17: Moving Diversity Forward  in which we discussed; how to challenge the lack of diversity and race representation within the arts as well as higher education; class and social mobility in the arts; neurodiversity in the arts; and the roles of women in arts, culture and the creative industries.

You can listen to all of the conversations on our Moving Diversity Forward page. Or listen to Race and Representation: Beyond the Box Ticking below.