Critical Friend Micro-Surgeries

We thought we’d do a free mini-version of our Critical Friend Programme during the present crisis for isolated artists, writers and filmmakers; so if you’re embarking on a creative project, mid-way through one or considering your future options and just need to run your thoughts past someone, here we are!

Our Critical Friend Programme normally involves five 3-hour sessions over the course of a month or two in which we assist an artist working on a specific project or at a pivotal point in their career. It’s a series of reflective practice sessions followed by a written summary and some recommendations.

We can be an objective eye, getting into the detail of a project and offering the artist a chance to measure up the pros and cons of various options for project development, or we can discuss an artist’s career to date and assist to re-contextualise the past to evidence the foundation of an artist’s forward trajectory.

How it works

From 6th April, every Monday afternoon throughout the duration of the lockdown our Artistic Director Barry Hale will be at the end of Facebook Messenger, email or phone to discuss your project or career with you in 1:1 slots.

Barry has 40 years experience in the arts, as an artist, filmmaker, arts producer and arts festival director.  He has assisted many artists with project development and funding applications.  He has a passion for meeting artists with impossible ideas and making them a reality.

How to book your free slot

We will have 5 x 45 minute slots available from noon ‘til 5pm each Monday, beginning 6th April.

Email barry@thresholdstudios.tv to book a free slot and choose your preferred communication platform.

Include any documents or web-links you need him to see so he can be prepared for your chat.

We won’t be providing any written feedback for these, so have a notebook ready.