Digital Democracies Masterclass #2: The Art of Sound

We are pleased to announce the second Artist Development event as part of the Digital Democracies project, Digital Democracies Masterclass #2: The Art of Sound.

This free online Masterclass on Wednesday 21 July, 1pm-4pm (BST) is led by artist and sound designer Thor McIntyre-Burnie (Aswarm GB). The masterclass will provide an intro to the art of sound as a site-specific, spatial, immersive and interactive form.

Drawing on over 20 years of experience developing and experimenting in the field, Thor will deconstruct some strategic installations by unpicking both the technical and conceptual elements, as well as reflecting on how they work in reality and how audiences respond.

Whilst this is not an AR workshop, the event will focus on how sound augments our reality: how it plays and resonates with spaces, places, objects, materials and performers. Auditory experiences are one of the most effective means of augmenting and transforming reality and democratically engaging people with the politics of public free space, proving that Digital Culture is not limited to visual projects like VR, LX or video mapping.

This session is designed for those with some previous experience of working with sound, but are interested in exploring how they can move their work offstage/ off stream into more immersive, tactile, physical, site-responsive and public space scenarios.

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Look out for further announcements of events and opportunities coming from Digital Democracies in the near future.