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Art and technology R&D programme exploring the future today


Digital Democracies, led by Threshold Studios and supported by Arts Council England, is a pioneering national project that aims to create a new generation of radically inclusive public cultural experiences in shared places where we live, work and play.

Digital Democracies brings together three of the UK’s leading commissioning agencies and festivals:

Festivals-led, the project combines expertise across art in the public realm, digital innovation, social impact and place-based partnerships with global industry networks and national audiences.

“Bringing together expertise in outdoor art, digital innovation, social impact and place-based partnerships, we’re really excited about this project. Digital Democracies will ensure that audiences across the UK can benefit from innovative digital art in the public realm – working with artists to explore and share their own sense of place, identify and society.

 “Festivals are incredibly well placed to lead the development of this exciting area of work. The experience of outdoor democratic spaces, audience diversity, place-based partnerships, and collaborative working are part of their DNA.”  

– Donna Close, Associate Director of Threshold Studios


The project focuses on:


  • Commissioning Programme working with artists and creatives to R&D new art projects using technology
  • Technology skills development for artists and creative practitioners
  • Partnership working: co-commissioning to create greater impact

At its heart this project is interrogating the concept of placemaking and asking what role can art and technology play in reinvigorating our public spaces for the future? How can art and technology combine to make a positive and lasting impact on our physical high street and our virtual superhighway?

This £195,000 project is supported using public finding by the National Lottery through Arts Council England.

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