Flow Observatorium at Mozilla Festival 2021

The UK’s first national project led by Neurodivergent (ND) artists will present a landmark report at Mozilla’s MozFest later this month.

Threshold have been working alongside Flow Observatorium and founder Jon Adams for several years, beginning with the showcasing of work at Frequency Festival 2015.  We have been proud to partner with them in their mission to “challenge the lack of understanding and representation for ND artists.”

Following on from the launch of 2017’s A Neurodivergent Arts Manifesto Flow Observatorium’s recent focus has been on their human-centered action research project, Kongress which was designed to map the challenges and opportunities that Neurodivergent creatives face.

As artist Sonia Boué wrote for Disability Arts Online, “for most respondents, Kongress is probably the first time they’ve been canvassed about both barriers to access and how ND contributes positively to their creativity”.

Now those responses have been collated and will today be disseminated as part of a discussion led by artist-activist Adams at Mozilla Festival 2021.

The festival is a celebration of online invention and an opportunity to ensure digital technology creates safe, beneficial spaces for human expression and collaboration.

In addition to his
Kongress session looking at the challenges faced by ND artists, Jon will also be presenting at MozFest on 16 March – Konstant: We’ve always been here, will offer a chance to hear how ND experiences can enrich our society and culture.

The full Kongress report will be launched officially at the end of April – look out for more updates coming soon.