Frequency Festival, Lincoln, UK

21-29 October 2011

Unlocking the City was the theme for the inaugural Frequency Festival of Digital Culture in 2011. The festival marked the beginning of an exciting journey for Lincoln, its artists, academics and local residents to come together in celebrating the pioneering spirit of contemporary digital culture; and take its place as an active contributor on the international circuit of digital culture and arts festivals with a biennial event.

Lincoln is a place that celebrates its historic past whilst embracing its digital future. Frequency 2011 transformed Lincoln into an interactive sensory playground with work by over 100 local, national and international artists, welcoming 30,000 visitors across 23 installations, 11 fringe exhibitions and 24 sites.

A key festival highlight was the world-first of Metro-Boulot-Dodo’s interactive dreamland Four Seasons, being shown in the same city simultaneously. This included the premiere of SUMMER in the ambitious, interactive, four-part multimedia installation that reflects the different stages of life. Other highlights include the artificial intelligence of Cypriot-Australian performance artist Stelarc’s prosthetic head, light sculptor Roseline de Thelin‘s haunting Light Beings, the kinetic sculpture of Alex Posada, multidisciplinary British artist Luke Jerram’s glass microbiology, and new media artist Andy McKeown’s lo-fi interactive street projections.