Frequency Festival, Lincoln, UK

21-29 October 2013

With the festival theme of Revolution, Frequency 2013 welcomed over 15,000 visitors, immersing them in digital culture to inspire, challenge and encourage creative debate.

2013 saw the UK/European premiere of LA group WIFE, and 11 other World Premiere events. With work from Lincolnshire-based, national and overseas artists alike, Frequency 2013 brought innovative, diverse work to Lincoln. From screen-less animation, to video goggles, to projection mapping, we’ve explored the possibilities and the changing relationships between digital and art.

Outside the not-so-traditional gallery walls, interactive media-art pioneers Blast Theory revisited their critically acclaimed audio-promenade experience Ulrike and Eamon Compliant with an entirely new ending. In an underground Roman gate-house, visitors were treated to a new ‘choreographed time’ installation by Trope Scope. The Juneau Brothers and Dale Fearnley restocked an empty shop with the technological relics of our own digital age, and a 13th century Friary hosted an exhibition of ‘analogue liberation’.

Other highlights include an exhibition at The Collection, Where Are We Now?, exploring how new smart location technologies have changed the way we see people and places, through artworks including John Rafman’s Google Street View and Brian House’s Quotidian Record. As part of the same show, curated by Ashley Gallant, Paolo Cirrio’s Street Ghosts mapped portraits from Google Street View onto the age-old pavements of the Lincoln.