Frequency Festival, Lincoln, UK

21-29 October 2017

Frequency Festival 2017: disPLACEment


The 2017 festival theme was disPLACEment inspired by the 800th anniversary of The Charter of the Forest.  We asked artists to show us how the digital world is changing the way we see ourselves and the places in which we live.

The festival spread out across the city, springing up in many unexpected locations, including the 13th century Chapterhouse of Lincoln Cathedral, Cobb Hall at the Castle, the shop floor of Lincoln’s oldest family business, Ruddocks, and a Roman Posterngate below RBS bank. The sites were managed by over 160 volunteers, who welcomed visitors at each site to experience the works.

A major highlight of Frequency 2017 was Log Book by Turner Prize winning collective Assemble, who brought a breath-taking living performance featuring local woodworkers to Lincoln’s Cathedral.

Other programme highlights included WHIST by AØE, a chilling experience inspired by Sigmund Freud that combines virtual reality and an art installation with physical theatre and dance, housed in Lincoln’s oldest church, St Mary Le Wigford.

Empire Soldiers by Metro-Boulot-Dodo transported visitors back in time to 1918 alongside soldiers returning from the front line, to hear the captivating stories of the battlefield directly from the soldiers themselves and share their emotional experiences of the return home.

DUET, a collaboration by Invisible Flock (UK) and Quicksand (India), invited participants in India and the UK, to build a unique and anonymous relationship with someone on the other side of the world during Frequency, connecting and exchanging details of their lives by answering one question a day.

Full list of artists can be found on our Frequency website  https://frequency.org.uk/frequency-2017/