Supporting new creative talent during COVID-19

NN Ambassadors is the SEMLEP-funded programme for new talent looking to pursue careers within the cultural sector. In response to the pandemic, we worked with NN Contemporary from July to December last year to turn their physical programme into an online CPD programme.

The programme comprised of talks and discussions, personal and digital skills development sessions and individual project development. This new talent will continue to work with the gallery to present their future engagement programmes.

As part of the entire sector’s effort to pivot activity to ensure that we are creating and sustaining talent, culture and practice within this uncertain time it was a great opportunity for us to re-connect with emerging voices, nurture the future of our creative workforce and meet some really talented individuals.

As we’re learning across everything, digital doesn’t replace a physical offer and we were lucky enough to be able to connect IRL with this cohort before the new restrictions came in. Through embedding user-led principles and reflective practice with them into the process they’ve helped us understand more of the parameters of this new landscape, so we’re forever grateful to them for coming to the scheme and helping us learn while they learn.

To find out more about the scheme and other opportunities head to the NN Contemporary website and social media here.

You can meet one of the NN Ambassadors, illustrator and maker Rosie May in our blog Q&A here.

Thank you to NN Contemporary for inviting us to bring our expertise and our values to this project and we can’t wait to see what comes from the Ambassadors in the future.