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Guest Post – John Doran (The Quietus)

Something magic(k)al happens every time I end up in Northampton. Last time it was hanging out with Alan Moore at Robert Godfrey's Lodge Studios where I got lost in a haze of Unearthings and Dodgem Logic. This time round... Read more

Is Independent Publishing the new Punk?

So yes, I'm old enough to have been there at the dawning of the cultural revolution that was Punk and all the subsequent kaleidoscopic offshoots that blossomed from that defiant root, planted in the industrial ruins of w... Read more

Hibakusha Interview with Stephen Loveless

Here's our very own Barry interviewing Stephen Loveless about his novella, Hibakusha. If this sounds like the sort of thing you'd be into, you can get the eBook from Amazon, or a signed paperback from Threshold's eBay st... Read more

Hibakusha – Stephen Loveless

Shey has found a room to build her boat, a small boat big enough to hold a lot of pain and one symbolic passenger, herself. Through seeing historic film of the horror of the A-Bomb attack on Hiroshima an Anglo-Japanese ... Read more