The Lincoln Imporium

Explore the wonders of the Lincoln Imporium: Where earthly wonders meet otherworldly curiosities, but beware the allure of mischief lurking in this interactive street spectacle.

The Lincoln Imporium is a travelling emporium that visits once in a blue moon. And you’re in luck, it’s in town for the Lincoln Festival of History, 4-6 May 2024

Throughout the festival the Lincoln Imporium will be roaming the streets of Lincoln, where the enigmatic merchant will invite passersby to take part in dice games, tarot readings and treasure hunts. You may even get a coin reward or a chance to spin the wheel of mischief.

Peddling an eclectic array of wares and curios, the Lincoln Imporium offers goods from the worlds beyond Earth and is manned by a merchant of great, self-proclaimed repute. Whether you seek ointments or trinkets, perfumes or fortunes, the Lincoln Imporium has it all. However, be cautious, as what seems like honest sales patter, may give way to mischief and trickery.

Being part-imp themselves, the Lincoln Imp is a creature of great inspiration for the merchant and, as such, the merchant desires to one day meet, and impress, such a role. You may be asked to join their campaign to #FreeTheLincolnImp.

Performance times:

Sat 4 May

11am-12:30pm    High Street (Stonebow to Cornhill)

1:15pm-2:45pm   Minster Yard

3:30pm-5pm          City Square


Sun 5 May

11am-12:30pm.    Minster Yard

1:15pm-2:45pm    St Paul in the Bail

3:30pm-5pm          High Street (Stonebow to Cornhill)

Mon 6 May

11am-12:30pm     Minster Yard

1:15pm-2:45pm    Lincoln Cathedral

3:30pm-5pm           High Street (Stonebow to Cornhill)

*Event timings and locations are subject to changes. Check our socials for updates.

red sign with yellow text reads The Lincoln Imporium. Images of imps and wheels on background of an oriental rug design

About the Artist:

Creative Director Daniel Morgan specialises in immersive theatre, delivering innovative and captivating works that challenge ideas, facilitate discussion, and engage diverse audiences.

His approach involves thrusting audiences into proactive roles, crafting unforgettable, and at times surreal, experiences through meticulous world-building and aesthetic spectacle. Among Daniel’s previous works is his role as Creative Theatre Director of Lost Village Festival.


About the Commission:

This experience has been made possible thanks to government funding from Be Lincoln Town Deal Fund under the Lincoln Connected project. In partnership with Threshold Studios, City of Lincoln Council and Visit Lincoln.