We Are Neurodiverse

On 17 January we held the first Collider Conversation of the year, bringing ‘diversity’ forward, at Attenborough Arts Centre in Leicester discussing Neurodiversity.

Chaired by Susan Jones, published writer and researcher, with Jon Adams, artist and National Autistic Society Cultural Ambassador and Mike Layward, Artistic Director at DASH, a disability-led visual arts organisation; we discussed visibility and representation for artists who experience the world differently – through Autism, Dyslexia or ADHD, for example.

A Storify summarising an highlighting some of the conversations from the event can be found below.

Captioned audio from the event will be available shortly.


    Action points from the event include:
  • Share government petition against the removal of support for dyslexia. Link here.
  • For information about Autism training or neurodiversity, contact Flow Observatorium (Jon Adams) – flowobs@gmail.com
  • Conversations to be started between curators, producers and artists about what mechanisms we can employ to support neurodivergency and disability artists.
  • Request to improve access to Arts Council England –  including less large, wordy documents, making audio and video available, and new forms of applications.

We would like to continue this conversation. Are you a neurodivergent artist? What challenges do you experience? What can be done to help you? Please let us know.