Why Frequency 2021 is Our Most Accessible Festival Yet

With ‘Connection’ as the theme of the 10th anniversary of Frequency Festival, it is important to us to connect with everyone and not limit it to their location. As art became increasingly inaccessible the past 18 months due to the impact of COVID-19, it is important that Frequency can be accessed in a safe environment and there are options for people to enjoy parts of the festival from anywhere with our online events.

“We want every individual to feel connected with their society, their community and their place in the world. We believe that making creative technology accessible to all is vital to broadening perspectives and understanding. In a connected world, we are all equal.”

Threshold Studios core values

We have placed safety as our highest priority for Frequency 2021. Through the use of some of the City’s most unique public and outdoor spaces we want to welcome visitors safely without limiting the creative experiences people of all ages and backgrounds can participate in.

In addition to hosting multiple installations and performances located in Lincoln’s historic centre, it is important that Frequency Festival can offer multiple online events as well as opportunities for everyone to get involved in to celebrate 10 years of inventive digital culture by established and emerging artists.

Birchwood Connections

Lumo Workshop invited local people to ‘tell us about your place’, sharing their stories of life in Birchwood to be part of a digital artwork premiered at the festival. They also invited residents to get creative at a drop-in workshop, to make a light-up badge or help create a big sculpture to be installed in the city centre during Frequency Festival.

When the festival begins, you can see the artwork live on the Frequency website, or by using the QR codes found on sculptures in Birchwood and Cornhill. See the stories and ideas of local residents, and get to know another community in the city.

Find out more here – https://frequency.org.uk/portfolio-item/birchwood-connections/


Developed with young people from across the country, m o n o l i t h is an audio- based experience that uses meditation and mindfulness to take you on an adventure just beyond your perception. Close your eyes, use your imagination, and explore the wonders of the universe from the comfort of wherever you are – you might just find something you didn’t know you were missing.

Find out more and book your free pass to the premiere here – https://frequency.org.uk/portfolio-item/monolith/


No Distractions: Online Workshop

Veruca, Buggsy and Rain invite you to join their no distractions thoughtspace, where we meditate (for the brain), nutritionise (for the body), and gratitudinate (for the soul). It’s an open space for warmth and kindness, where we support one another over Zoom in a loosely structured manner in order to free our minds and unlock our hearts, free of the distractions of modern-day living. Open to all experience levels and chakrabilities.

Find out more here – https://frequency.org.uk/portfolio-item/no-distractions-metalove-and-kindness-workshop/


DARKFIELD RADIO is an app, a brand new, innovative form of entertainment directly responding to the new age we are living in. It immerses at the listener in strange and curious worlds in their own home and brings new meaning to the familiar spaces we inhabit.

Find out more and book your ticket here – https://frequency.org.uk/portfolio-item/darkfield-radio/

The majority of the Frequency Festival programme takes place outside, in public spaces around Lincoln. Safety has been at the forefront of our planning this year which means audience numbers and the sites and spaces used have been carefully considered. We ask visitors attending the festival to please respect social distancing, our teams and each other to make Frequency 2021 as enjoyable as possible.

We can’t wait to welcome you all to the festival. If you’re attending don’t forget to use the hashtag #Freq21 to share your experience.