You’ve been Imped

We’re excited to share with you our recent creative commission, The Lincoln Imporium, as part of the Town Deal funded Lincoln Connected project.

The Lincoln Imporium, conceived by Creative Director Daniel Morgan, is an immersive street theatre performance that seamlessly blends history with imagination, where earthly wonders meet otherworldly curiosities.

The performances took place during the new Lincoln Festival of History from 4-6 May 2024. An enigmatic merchant roamed the streets of Lincoln on a travelling Imporium full of intriguing delights and mischievous challenges. Dressed in majestic steampunk-style attire, the merchant campaigned for signatures to #FreetheLincolnImp and gave away coin rewards. Did you get one?

And if you missed the event, don’t worry—this is your chance to catch a glimpse of what it was all about!

This experience has been made possible thanks to government funding from Be Lincoln UK Town Deal Fund under the Lincoln Connected project. In partnership with Threshold StudiosCity of Lincoln Council and Visit Lincoln.

Creative Director: Daniel Morgan

Daniel Morgan specialises in immersive theatre, delivering innovative and captivating works that challenge ideas, facilitate discussion, and engage diverse audiences.

His approach involves thrusting audiences into proactive roles, crafting unforgettable, and at times surreal, experiences through meticulous world-building and aesthetic spectacle. Among Daniel’s previous works is his role as Creative Theatre Director of Lost Village Festival.

Performer: Felicity Donnelly
Photo and Film credit: Electric Egg