Digital Democracies Editorial Project

As part of Digital Democracies we invited curator and researcher, Laurence Hill, to commission some short pieces of writing for a blog series about how digital technology and digital thinking have impacted us and our public spaces.

“The Digital Democracies project is interested in the nexus of digital technology and public space, and as a curator and researcher, I’m interested in the entanglement of humans and technology, and in exploring the politics of technology and its deployment. Within the framework of this project, I’m specifically interested in the replication of the public square in online spaces and the limitations of socio-technical architectures designed and built by one human demographic arguably to the exclusion of others.” – Laurence Hill

For the blog series, Laurence has brought together a selection of writers and contributors exploring two key questions:

  • How we interact with existing digital technologies and how they change and guide us
  • How the kinds of people who are massively underrepresented in the development of online spaces navigate those spaces.

The full editorial project is available to read on Digital Democracies blog.