HERstory, Arch468

HERstory uncovers the stories of women usually hidden from history, through an audio-visual experience.

Arch 468 and writers were connected with local women in Brighton and Lincoln to authentically tell real stories about their lives and experiences as they lived through the Covid-19 pandemic during 2021.

Insightful and inspiring, HERstory carved out space where women could be heard, celebrating the truth and power of women all around us.

At Brighton Festival 2021, portraits and stories popped up in public spaces for audiences to discover. QR codes connected audiences with the website where they could listen to each Brighton story.

At Frequency Festival 2021, audiences walked through St Marks’ Square garden to experience HERstory: Lincoln. A portrait of the storyteller and a QR code invited audiences to scan with their phone and listen to the stories on headphones.

On the HERstory website, all the stories were available to access on an interactive map for the duration of the project.

Stories by writers: Zena Rose-Allen, Jade Anouka, Mia Daliya Cunningham, Kate O’Donnell, Shirley Falchi, Sabrina Mahfouz, Yolanda Mercy, Jenny Milligan, Nessah Muthy, Julie Orchard, Anna Osella, Malasula Peace, Phonetic, Boudicca Pepper, Nou Ra, Carley Reid, Monsay Whitney and Rachael Young.



Arch 468 is an arts production and development hub that exists to shape the cultural ecology of the future. They make, develop, produce and curate cutting edge arts and cultural experiences across the UK and internationally.

Through their work, Arch 468 seeks to subvert the mainstream by telling revolutionary stories in popular, accessible ways.



HERstory is an Arch 468 Production. Co-commissioned by Brighton FestivalArch 468Lighthouse and created by Stef O’Driscoll. Produced with support from Re-Imagine Europe, Co-funded by the Creative Europe programme of the European Union, additional funds from Brandwatch and supported by Digital Democracies.