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Communications and Marketing Assistant Internship

As part of RADAR, our Creative Graduate Accelerator Scheme in partnership with the University of Lincoln, we have an exciting internship opportunity available to recent graduates of the College of the Arts. Lincoln Dr... Read more

A diary of a recent graduate.

"What's your plan? What’s next?" The dreaded questions faced currently by zillions of graduates around the country. We’ve finished our degrees; hopefully we’ve done well. Three years of our life has built up to ... Read more

RSA Presentation July 3rd 2014

I recently presented at the RSA What Would William Shipley Do? mini-conference at New Art Exchange. It was a quickfire, 5-minute talk, but here's my slides (minus me chatting over them). I talked about building social ... Read more

An open letter to the internet.

Dear Internet, I’m sorry, Internet. It’s not you… it’s me. For too long now this relationship has been all too one sided - I just take, take, take. I know, I know, Internet – all the little things that you ... Read more