As part of Industry Week at University of Lincoln in February 2021, Threshold Studios introduced School of Film & Media students to Inkibit Immersive, a female-led creative collective exploring immersive technologies.

Supported by Threshold Studios and Digital Democracies, Inkibit Immersive ran a VR Hackjam where participants were encouraged to explore open-source software and discover new ways to take an idea from concept to prototype. Led by Digital Media Artist and Creative Technologist, Maf’J Alvarez, students were empowered to test VR technologies and personal creative concepts, supported by industry professionals.

‘’I have realised how much I enjoy working with VR, and having the ability to build a world that I can then enter and feel as though I am really there.’’

– VR Hackjam workshop participant.

Talent development is fully embedded in Threshold Studios and Digital Democracies. The aim of the VR Hackjam was for participants to develop skills that are directly transferable to industry. Participants were also able to build their track record, expand their networks and understanding of how to progress into employability opportunities within the creative and cultural sectors.

VR Hackjam is supported through Digital Democracies, a two-year programme led by Threshold Studios and supported by Arts Council England. Digital Democracies connects three UK-based commissioning festivals, Frequency International Festival of Digital Culture (Produced by Threshold Studios), Freedom Festival (Produced by Freedom Festival Arts Trust) and Brighton Digital Festival (Directed by Lighthouse) to explore the intersection of technology, art and public space.

Inkibit is a Brighton based female-led creative collective that uses VR to help individuals and organisations in under-represented groups tell stories from the messy middle.

Lead Creative Maf’j Alvarez is a Digital Media Artist and Creative Technologist living in Brighton, UK, working with ecology, mind, cultural and gender diversity around open access to technology. She also works as a user experience designer developing complex, large scale, digital transformation projects for government service.