Cámara Chica

Cámara Chica

The Cámara Chica project has set up digital media production hubs in ten communities across Cuba and Venezuela, offering young people and communities opportunities to discover and develop creative and technical skills through filmmaking. By taking part in workshops they have gained experience of writing, acting, directing and editing their own short films. In the process they have acquired a range of technical, production and ‘life’ skills, including storytelling, team working, self-expression, communication and confidence.

The project has been delivered in partnership with the British Council, Into Film, Suited and Booted Studios, FAMCA – the Cuban Film School, Unearte University Caracas, six community centres across Cuba from Pinar del Rio in the west to Guantanamo in the east and four across Venezuela, from El Molino high in the Andes, to downtown Caracas and the indigenous community of the Kari ña people in the east.

As a parallel activity, Cuban film graduates and filmmakers, as arts community leaders, have learnt the teaching skills they need to confidently deliver filmmaking sessions with children and young people.

“We will continue filming, it is very good to develop a project such as this one because it enables the children’s creativity to be focused and it gives them the necessary knowledge and materials to realise those dreams”
Majilé Amores, Community Leader, Santa Clara centre

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To find out more about Cámara Chica and our work in Cuba and Venezuela read director Barry Hale’s blog post here