Public Programme

Threshold have been welcoming audiences to high quality events within a public programme since 2010. We focus on digital and non-traditional spaces, for instance through our biennial Frequency Festival. We curate international, national and place based artists, as well as supporting and developing emerging talent, developing volunteering programmes and internships to assist entry into the creative industries.  

Public programmes have the ability to transform our everyday environments and connect new audiences to cultural activity.  Everyone has the right to see and take part in great art, events and experiences. With this as the basis of our exhibitions and events programme, we create opportunities and remove barriers to getting involved, so that everyone can connect with new ideas and voice their opinion.

Our programmes are designed with “place” in mind, developing programmes to engage audiences in places of shared agency and ownership. Our exhibitions programme has placed VR experiences in shop units, heritage spaces, underground, libraries, the streets, community centres, as well as partnering with fantastic cultural spaces and partners.

We work with our partners to understand the challenges around visitors and destination management, town and city infrastructure, local economy, audience development and engagement. We seek to create this place based model to ensure a lasting legacy and impact beyond the event, preferring to work in longer term partnerships to make a real lasting change through cultural engagement.